Certified Installation

With RBI, the peace of mind that comes from knowing

the job's done right is all part of the package

The best solar mounting system is only as reliable as the crew installing it. Don't leave your investment vulnerable to chance when completing this crucial step.

Our three step process ensures that your project comes together on time, on budget and meets RBI's exacting quality standards.


Only the best of the best make it into RBI's certification program. From insurance to EMR standards, safety plans and previous experience we look thoroughly vet every subcontractor that applies.


Every subcontractor must complete training at RBI's headquarters in Cincinnati. The training includes classroom time covering installation, QAQC and troubleshooting as well as hands-on experience using sample systems at our facility.

On-Site field operations

Our certified installers have RBI's dedicated team of designers, engineers and project managers always just a phone call away. When an issue arises, we're there to find the right solution and make sure the installation meets our high standards.

Don't take a risk. Use RBI's certified installation services and know the job's done right.

RBI Solar, Inc. Statement on COVID-19


RBI Solar, Inc. has a vertically integrated domestic and international supply chain that includes procurement of steel, manufacturing, and installation. RBI has multiple domestic material suppliers to provide raw material steel and hardware for the manufacturing of our fixed-tilt, canopy, tracker and roof racking solutions.

We are monitoring the developing COVID-19 outbreak’s impact on our material lead times and our ability to perform field activities in various states across the country. As of this week, our supply chain lead times have not been impacted and we are continuing to maintain standard lead times for material production. Moving forward, we will provide weekly updates on any business-related impacts caused by COVID-19.

RBI Solar will continue to strive to deliver projects in the safest and most efficient manner to the best of our abilities. We look forward to continuing to supply the United States solar market with our domestically sourced and in-house manufactured, solar mounting solutions.

Please contact sales@rbisolar.com for a quote on your project.

About RBI Solar, Inc: RBI Solar is a market leader in the design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation of fixed-tilt, tracker, canopy, and roof mounted solar mounting systems. Based in Cincinnati, OH, RBI Solar has completed over 5 GW of solar projects since it began in 2009.

June 18, 2020

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