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GM-BL Data Sheet

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RBI Solar’s ballasted fixed-tilt solutions are perfect for municipal solid waste landfills, brownfields and other sites where non-penetrable solutions are required. Our engineers and designers consider important parameters such as dynamic settlements, landfill cap characteristics, slope and stability before designing a reliable and cost-effective mounting solution to suit the needs each specific site. Both Precast and Cast-in-Place options can be utilized to meet the logistical and economic requirements for any project.


Precast Ballast

Precast ballast are designed and engineered per project specifications. The racking system is mechanically attached to the precast concrete foundation to allow for easy disassembly for future maintenance on landfill caps. Option for pre-assembled post foundations at the precasters facility will reduce the amount of on-site field connections reducing installation labor time and costs.

  • No weather delays and less susceptible to freeze/thaw cycles.
  • Reduces on-site man hours, ability to relocate or re-use.
  • Vast network of RBI Solar precasters.
  • Cleaner sites! Eliminates concrete trucks washout areas
  • No risk for hidden costs such as accelerators, retarders, curing requirements, concrete pumps, or winter mixes.
  • Integrated bonding and grounding to UL 2703 available.

Cast-In-Place Ballast

Forms are customized and supplied by RBI Solar per project as specified by the engineered project specifications. Once concrete mix has cured, the racking system is mechanically attached to the concrete ballast block foundations to allow for easy disassembly for future maintenance on landfill caps.

  • Reduced initial lead time.
  • Independent of precaster’s capacity or costs.
  • Heavy transportation equipment not required.
  • Good option for remote areas or for international projects.
  • RBI Solar can assist in concrete mix design, QA/QC, and inspections to validate concrete meets ACI/ASTM standards.
  • Integrated bonding and grounding to UL 2703 available.

RBI Solar, Inc. Statement on COVID-19


RBI Solar, Inc. has a vertically integrated domestic and international supply chain that includes procurement of steel, manufacturing, and installation. RBI has multiple domestic material suppliers to provide raw material steel and hardware for the manufacturing of our fixed-tilt, canopy, tracker and roof racking solutions.

We are monitoring the developing COVID-19 outbreak’s impact on our material lead times and our ability to perform field activities in various states across the country. As of this week, our supply chain lead times have not been impacted and we are continuing to maintain standard lead times for material production. Moving forward, we will provide weekly updates on any business-related impacts caused by COVID-19.

RBI Solar will continue to strive to deliver projects in the safest and most efficient manner to the best of our abilities. We look forward to continuing to supply the United States solar market with our domestically sourced and in-house manufactured, solar mounting solutions.

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About RBI Solar, Inc: RBI Solar is a market leader in the design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation of fixed-tilt, tracker, canopy, and roof mounted solar mounting systems. Based in Cincinnati, OH, RBI Solar has completed over 5 GW of solar projects since it began in 2009.

June 18, 2020

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