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RBI Solar Background
RBI Solar Inc. is a market leading provider of solar mounting systems. We design, engineer, manufacture, and install solar mounting systems for commercial and utility scale projects. As a specialist in ground mount, roof mount, and custom designed specialty solar structures, we focus on providing best-in-class solar racking systems and project management capabilities to serve owners and integrators. Leveraging more than 85 years of experience in the commercial design-build specialty structures market, RBI Solar works with its clients to identify the most economical, durable, and robust solar structures. Our services include complete design, signed and sealed engineering drawings for all 50 states, high-tech manufacturing, nationwide installation, and end-to-end technical support to help you solve the toughest challenges in the industry. In partnering with RBI Solar you will benefit from working with the leading manufacturer of specialty steel and aluminum structures in North America. When working on a project we focus on the following primary goals.

Single Source Solutions

Single point responsibility for the entire solar mounting system, from complete design and engineering to product manufacturing and on-site racking installation. Nothing falls through the cracks between different companies as we will take responsibility for all aspects of the solar mounting systems. No other company in the solar market has both the capabilities and infrastructure that RBI Solar has developed over the years to handle your project.


RBI Solar has in-house designers and engineers registered in all 50 states to provide you signed and sealed drawings for ground mount, roof mount, and custom design specialty solar structures. Our highly qualified engineering team designs an optimum racking to provide you the most durable solar support structures along with the freedom and flexibility to work with any type of PV module.


By having manufacturing facilities around the country and the world, our customers benefit from lower costs to transport materials to the project site. Manufacturing in- house allows greater control and savings for the total cost of your structure as opposed to outsourcing. As a leading solar racking manufacturer, we’ve developed the infrastructure to complete roll forming, bracket fabrication, and drilling in-house.


The company has contractor’s licenses and certifications to work on solar mounting projects nationwide. Our highly trained installation crews work with on-site engineers to mount the solar racking systems.

Technical Support

Our highly engineered and robust solar structural systems are backed by excellent end-to-end technical support. All of our support team members have technical background and extensive experience in the solar industry. We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers.

Highest Value

We provide a high-quality robust system at a cost that makes financial sense for our customer. Our project managers work hard to meet project completion goals and offer you the best available solar mounting systems nationwide.
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