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The innovative Sunflower® design from RBI Solar is not bound by the limitations of other commercial single-axis tracker systems. Accommodating variable slope tolerances, and having adjustable row lengths up to 120 modules, allows this system the flexibility to adapt to a variety of site conditions that used to impact tracker designs. The system is engineered to operate on North/South slopes up to 10%, which reduces the costs associated with civil work on potential projects. The patented Gearbox and Driveshaft system eliminate the need for dampeners by utilizing a distributed row technology, making O&M simple. No special tools or heavy equipment is required to install the system. Each Sunflower® system is custom designed to meet the unique specifications of each project site.

RBI Solar Sunflower ™ Single-Axis Tracker


Sunflower® Specifications

  • One-size foundation throughout the entire array
  • Terrain following capabilities +/- 10% North/South slope
  • Lowers land acquisition costs
  • 1-high Portrait configuration
  • Up to 120 modules per row
  • Range of motion +/- 55°
  • AC/DC Power options
  • Twin Purlin design
  • Custom designed systems for every project
  • No dampeners required
  • Multiple foundation types to accommodate any soil type
  • Over 500 MW commissioned across the U.S
  • No Special Tools or Heavy Equipment required for Installation

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