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RBI Solar designs, engineers, manufactures, and installs solar mounting systems for commercial and utility scale solar projects. As a specialist in fixed-tilt ground mount, carport, ballasted landfill, roof mount and garage canopy solar mounting systems, RBI provides best-in-class solar racking systems and project management capabilities to serve project developers and system integrators. Your Project is Our Passion.

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In-house, professional designers and licensed engineers, registered to sign and seal drawings in all 50 states.

RBI Solar engineering


Solar mounting systems are custom engineered for each unique site condition to be the most cost effective an efficient design.



Owned and operated manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and internationally to reduce lead time and maintain quality.



Experienced nationwide network of installation crews working with site specific project managers with backgrounds in commercial construction.

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RBI Solar Inc.

From heavy snow in Maine to gusty winds in Hawaii, canopies, carports, rooftop systems, and other C&I applications…

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RBI Solar Inc.

Our in-house designers provide complete structural and foundation design. It's our focus to deliver the most effect…

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@GibraltarInd acquired #Sunfig and @TerraSmart to provide an end-to-end solution for our customers, which will brin…

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Gibraltar Expands Solar Capabilities

Strengthens renewable energy platform

At Gibraltar, we build companies that make an impact in the world and are committed to making solar energy the best choice in energy production and consumption. With the recent acquisitions of TerraSmart and Sunfig, we will become the largest turnkey solar installer in the U.S. with the broadest portfolio of ground-mount infrastructure, tracker, and design software solutions. The combined portfolio will enable cost-effective, eco-friendly solar energy generation for customers anywhere.

Strengthens renewable energy platform

We have a comprehensive suite of industry-leading technologies and services to support customers across the solar energy value chain and drive higher financial return on each project.

• TerraSmart’s innovative screw-based, ground-mount solar racking technology enables even the most difficult projects to be completed quickly.
• Sunfig ensures optimized solar project design through unparalleled design software.
• We can now partner with solar developers, utilities, and commercial and industrial customers of any type and/or size, in any region, on any terrain.


Discover RBI Solar’s Sunflower® II, the most innovative and complete Single-Axis Tracker system in the marketplace

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