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Design, engineering, fabrication and installation of racks for a fixed tilt landfill system.

RBI Solar has supplied and installed solar mounting systems for this incredible project, built on unused land, which is generating revenue and giving a source of green energy to local community. This project is part of a growing trend to rejuvenate brownfields and convert into a clean energy resource. Team of RBI solar engineers worked with Gemma Renewable to design non-penetrating floating ballast solar racking system.

RBI solar crew has installed 39,600 linear feet of solar racking to support 19,800 SunTech modules in record time. This landfill racking system is engineered to resist 55psf of snow load and 100mph wind speed.


Location: Canton, MA
Type of Installation: Landfill
Size: 5.74 MW(DC)
Module: SunTech 290
Module Quantity: 19,800
Linear foot of Racking: 39,600ft
Angle of Tilt: 5
Foundation Type: Floating Ballast

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