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Engineering, fabrication, installation of racks and mounting modules for a fixed tilt ground mount system.

RBI Solar has supplied and installed ground mount racking system for this outstanding project which will make Niland the first all solar powered city in the nation. RBI Solar has used its standard ground mount system- which is considered the solar industry’s strongest and most durable ground mount solution. RBI Solar’s team of structural engineers and project managers considered the local environmental and site conditions to provide a complete racking solution. RBI Solar took into account module dimensions, soil conditions, seismic zoning and meteorological considerations when designing the system. Of particular note are the oversized, concrete pier foundations which will ensure uninterrupted, long-term system performance. RBI Solar crew has installed 10,000 posts to support over 100,000 polycrystalline silicon modules. This fixed tilt, ground mount solar project covers just 130 acres of land and is capable of supplying electricity to more than 14,000 homes in Imperial County.


Location: Niland, CA
Type of Installation: Ground Mount Solar
Size: 28.8 MW (DC)
Module: SunTech 280Wp
Module Quantity: 100,000
Number of Posts: 10,000
Angle of Tilt: 30
Foundation Type: Concrete Pier

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