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Engineering, fabrication, installation of concrete pier foundations and racks for a fixed tilt ground mount system.

RBI Solar has supplied and installed solar mounting systems for 474.23kW photovoltaic solar array in Landing, NJ. RBI‘s proven ground mount solar solution was selected for this job. This system is designed to withstand 90mph wind speed and 35PSF snow loading. It consists of galvanized steel frames by RBI Solar as a “module ready” system for simple installation of solar modules.

Steep grade prevented conventional equipment. Rocky soils required to be undisturbed. Augers and cranes used for foundation install. Local authority requited careful removal of spoils.


Location: Landing, NJ
Type of Installation: Ground Mount Solar
Size: 474.23kW
Module: Trina 235W
Module Quantity: 2,018
Number of Posts: 218
Angle of Tilt: 30º
Foundation Type: Concrete Pier

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