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Design, engineering, fabrication and installation of racks for a fixed tilt ground mount system.

RBI Solar has provided the solar mounting systems for this ground mount project which is one of the largest solar panel fields in New England. This solar farm will produce the equivalent of 2 MW of electricity, or enough energy to provide power to 2,000 households.

RBI Solar used ground mount structures designed with frames consisting of posts and rafters. The frames supported two rows of modules installed in portrait orientation. Within a structural frame, each row of modules shall contain five solar modules. Structural purlins are provided to support the solar modules with a “bottom-mount” system.

RBI Solar has supplied the design, engineering (complete set of drawings signed and sealed by a Professional Engineer registered in the State of Massachusetts), manufacturing, shipping and installation of the foundations, structural frames and the mounting system.


Location: Dartmouth, MA
Type of Installation: Ground Mount
Size: 1.80 MW(DC)
Module: GSM6-225-E1
Module Quantity: 8,010
Number of Posts: 868
Angle of Tilt: 25
Foundation Type: Concrete Pier

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