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Design, fabrication, installation of racks and mounting modules for a fixed tilt ground mount system.

RBI solar has supplied the solar racking for this 516kW ground mount solar project which is a Colorado Springs’ first solar farm. This solar farm will be powering portions of hundreds of area homes. This Community Solar Garden will allow Colorado Springs Utilities customers to lease two or more of the 2,500 solar panels in exchange for utility-provided incentives, including a 9-cent-per-kWh credit on their monthly electricity bill. This arrangement makes Colorado Springs among the first communities in the nation to adopt this type of progressive renewable energy service.

The objective was to maximize output capacity utilizing Trina 230 W modules, having dimensions of 64.96″ x 39.06″, within the available area. RBI solar team designed a galvanized steel structural rack capable of withstanding 100MPH wind and 30psf snow load. The specific slope of the structural framing system is fixed at 30 degrees to the South. There is a minimum mean clearance of 36″ between the solar modules and rough grade at the lower end of the structure.

RBI Solar used ground mount structures designed with frames consisting of posts and rafters. The frames supported two rows of modules installed in portrait orientation. Within a structural frame, each row of modules contained five solar modules. Structural steel purlins support the solar modules with top-clamps holding the modules in place.


Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Type of Installation: Ground Mount
Size: 516.84 kW (DC)
Module: TRINA-230W TSM-PA05
Module Quantity: 2508
Number of Posts: 312
Angle of Tilt: 30
Foundation Type: Driven Post

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