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Our Roots

RBI Solar is a sister company of Rough Brothers, a corporation with over 85 years experience as a specialty design-build greenhouse firm. Rough Brothers has provided the highest quality and most reliable steel and aluminum structures that capture glass and other plastics on light transmitting buildings. Rough Brothers works with hundreds of universities and schools, research facilities, retail garden centers, commercial growers, and conservatories throughout the country.

Our long-standing reputation for superior quality at Rough Brothers is something we are proud of. The four primary market segments served by Rough Brothers include the Institutional, Retail, Commercial, and Specialty markets.

Institutional Division

The Institutional Division designs, manufactures, and constructs research, teaching, and educational greenhouse facilities that meet the most demanding growing environment requirements. Highly talented groups of project managers, designers, engineers, systems integration specialists, and horticultural support staff comprise the Institutional Division at Rough Brothers. Having a group dedicated to only these types of facilities ensures that all completed projects are well designed and fully operational. Institutional groups work with the following markets:

  • Educational & Research Greenhouses for universities and colleges.
  • Teaching Greenhouses for community colleges, vo-ag schools, high schools, and elementary schools.
  • Conservatories, Arboretums, and Botanical Gardens (both new and historical restoration).
  • Private Research Facilities (Crop, Drug, Chemical, & Govt.).
  • Private Estate Conservatories

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Commercial Division

At Rough Brothers, we understand the business of greenhouse growing. We understand how growing schedules and market pressure can affect your business. We work with growers to identify their needs, and then our diverse group of engineers, educators, and garden center managers come up with an optimally designed commercial greenhouse which meets all the requirements. In the Commercial Division, we offer the following different types of structures and components:

  • A Frames: custom design & optimal growing
  • Venlo: maximum lighting & flexible design
  • Poly Arch: maximum cooling, easy expansion, and flexible design
  • Flat Roof: quick response and improved crop success
  • Garden Center Structures: personalized design and budget friendly
  • Benching System: maximize efficiency
  • Curtain Systems: flexible design and improved crop quality
  • Heating Systems: reduce heating cost and improve crop quality
  • Irrigation Systems: improve crop quality and custom designed
  • Vegetable Systems: controlled environment and maximum efficiency
  • Greenhouse Parts: easy to order

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Retail Division

The Retail Division takes the time to learn, understand, and absorb the unique nature of your business. While the design may begin with a standard structure, our attention to personalized detail makes it uniquely yours. The retail division hold the secrets to creating a unique garden center without creating an impractical budget. Beauty and practicality have finally met.

  • Big Box Retailers and Independent Retail Stores nationwide
  • Steel Structures and Aluminum Framework for Garden Centers attached to retail stores
  • Retail Customers include: The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Wal-Mart, Meijer’s, Orchard Supply, and other Independent Retailers

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Specialty Division

You present the location, we’ll provide the inspiration.

  • Specialty custom structures
  • Customers include waste water treatment plants, zoos, and other customers in need of specialty steel and aluminum structures

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