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Plan Your Solar Canopy with RBI Solar

  • January 15th, 2016
  • admin

With the solar canopy market continuing to expand in 2016, RBI Solar has established the infrastructure to become a single-source provider for our customers. With solar canopy projects being a collaborative effort, RBI Solar is committed to taking on the responsibility of multiple project deliverables through using our internal resources. Part of RBI Solar’s commitment is to help guide our customers throughout the canopy planning process, beginning at project conception. Solar canopy projects always begin with questions and opportunities. RBI Solar is here to help answer those questions and provide you with solutions to maximize the results of your project.

Solar Canopy Coverage

Canopies can be designed to serve multiple purposes, with coverage and cost typically being the driving force behind each project. RBI Solar has designed solutions to maximize the coverage of your canopy project, no matter what restrictions a specific area will bring. Our three coverage styles are perimeters, aisles and RBI Long Spans.


-Most common, cost efficient style
-Ideal for parking areas covering two rows of standard parking spaces
-Minimizes the number of foundations needed for maximized output


-Ideal for covering one row of standard parking spaces
-More adjustable fit for smaller, outer areas of parking lots
-Foundations allow for extra modules to cantilever

RBI Solar Long Span

long span solar canopy structure

-Maximizes the number of modules in a given area
-Customized for project aesthetics as needed
-Ideal for parking garages or full coverage parking lots

Solar Canopy Structure Types

RBI Solar’s canopy designs are optimized with a single tilt <7.5°, reducing the loading impact from wind and allowing for modules to be cantilevered. With canopy foundations accounting for an average of 35% of a project’s cost, RBI Solar has designed each canopy to minimize the number of foundations and reduce overall project costs. Our solar canopy designs allow for the necessary adjustability to meet your project goals. RBI Solar’s three distinct canopy designs are the CP-T, CP-K and CP-P.


-Most cost efficient design option for budgetary projects
-Durable design allows for “Inverted” look for aesthetics


RBI Solar CP-K solar canopy

-Dual kneebraces provide support for higher wind and snow loads
-Increased support for cantilever modules


-Designed for aesthetics and ability to be “Inverted”
-Truss design gives support for high wind and snow loads

All of these unique canopy options are custom designed and engineered for your specific project needs. Their adjustability and versatility allow for construction on a variety of surfaces, from an asphalt parking lot to a concrete parking garage.

In our next mailer, we will explore the importance of foundation designs in solar canopy projects and their importance into the overall cost of canopy projects. We will also showcase several different finishing options on canopies and how coating can protect structures in corrosive environments.

For farther information, please contact Kevin Ward (kward@rbisolar.com).