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Check Out Online – Energy Harvested by RBI’s Ground Mount Solar Array

  • August 15th, 2013
  • admin

RBI onsite solar array

RBI Solar has added a link to its corporate website to check the energy production for its on-site solar array. RBI completed this ground mount solar array back in December 2012 at its manufacturing facility in Cincinnati, OH. RBI is harvesting about 1% of the total consumption from this ground mount solar system. This 5.5kW ground array also serves as training tool for installers.

RBI is a leading commercial and utility scale solar racking manufacturer and has completed hundreds of solar mounting jobs across the country. RBI solar racking is manufactured in different national and international facilities to meet the ARRA requirements and to be globally competitive. RBI Solar manufactures ground mount solar racking, ballasted roof mount solar racking, and ballasted landfill solar racking at its 120,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility in St. Bernard, Ohio.  RBI Solar has added lot of jobs to its OH office in past few months.

About RBI Solar
RBI Solar provides complete solar mounting solutions to solve the toughest structural mounting challenge in the PV industry. RBI’s services include complete design, signed and sealed engineering drawings for all 50 states, high tech manufacturing, coast to coast installation and technical support to help you solve the toughest challenges in the industry. All of RBI’s solar mounting systems come with a 20-year limited warranty.