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Better Together – Partnerships That Work

  • February 3rd, 2017
  • admin

Ground mount transported to island

Taking a solar project from a bright idea to a functioning structure doesn’t happen overnight, and it certainly doesn’t happen alone. Many stakeholders—all experts in their respective fields—come together to bring a solar project to life.

The Cuttyhunk Island ground mount solution, recently detailed on our blog, is one great example of many teams coming together to make a project happen.

Steven J. Strong and his team at Solar Design Associates handled the design and engineering of the Cuttyhunk Island PV system. The challenging hilly topography and rocky soils of the island were skillfully accommodated by his team. One of the patriarchs of the solar industry, Strong and the Solar Design Associates team have earned an international reputation for pioneering the integration of renewable energy systems and environmentally conscious building design since the company’s founding in 1974. They’re responsible for the first solar-powered US embassy, first solar-powered Olympics, first solar-powered neighborhood, and now a solar-powered Massachusetts island. We are honored that they selected our ground mount solution as the racking for this project.

Transporting a solar racking system to an island is no easy feat. Tug Jaguar carefully tugged the barge carrying our post-driving machine and racking materials to the project site. Charlie Mitchell with the Tug Jaguar team went above and beyond to make this process easier with his helpfulness and expertise.

Thomas Drilling was responsible for drilling holes to accommodate refusals and make installation easier. They worked with us to make the trips to the island as smooth as possible and did their usual great job of drilling out the post hole locations.

Synergy Solar aided in the installation of the ground mount system. Their foreman is native to the island, and his local expertise proved invaluable in navigating the terrain and keeping the crew safe and on schedule. The Synergy Solar team also provided great photos of the material and equipment transportation process, which can be viewed on our blog.

The local team at Gosnold Electric Light Company handled the wiring for this ground mount system and brought it online for Cuttyhunk residents to begin reaping the benefits of renewable solar energy.

Successful completion of the Cuttyhunk Island PV system would not have been possible without the collaboration of each of these teams.