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By acquisition in 2014, RBI Solar is pleased to introduce Renusol America products as our own. Our roof mount engineers design with the customer’s best interests in mind and are proud of their background and innovation in the industry. Utilizing our configurator as well as our knowledgeable team, we will help guide you to a mounting solution that is easy to install on your project. Whether you’re looking for a commercial, industrial, or private use system, our roof mount solutions are designed to meet your PV roof needs.

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All our roof solutions include the following benefits:

  • Pre-assembled mounting components
  • Made in America
  • Proprietary “one-size-fits-all” height-adjustable end clamps and snap-in-place mid-clamps
  • UL2703 Listed for bonding and grounding
Roof Mount Solutions for Every Budget – Flat or Pitched Systems

We understand that every roof Is different, which is why each system is fully customizable to accommodate various low slope or flat roof types. As an innovator in solar PV mounting solutions, RBI Solar has the experience to develop, and produce a roof mount system that fits your roof type, PV output requirements, and budget. All of our roof mount solutions are reliable and designed for a long service life thanks to weather-resistant materials like aluminum, stainless steel, and HMWPE. With pre-assembled parts and easy to pack and ship components, your solar mounting system will be on time and at budget.

Roof Mount Solutions Product Line

Metal Roof Mount Solution – RS-MS (Suitable for METAL Roof, any pitch)

The RS-MS roof mounting system is designed for securing PV modules to trapezoid sheet metal roofs 26-gauge or thicker with peaks at least 3/4“ wide. With a simple, three-step installation process, RS-MS assembles quickly with ease.

MS Benefits

  • Fastens directly to sheet metal, making long rails and attachments to purlins or rafters unnecessary
  • EPDM gaskets pre-assembled under all clamp bases and fasteners for extra protection from water intrusion; third-party tested for assurance
  • Self-piercing and self-tapping screws with hardened tips that eliminate the need for pre-drilling
  • ICC and UL approvals for fast permitting
  • Compact packaging reduces shipping costs – a shoebox can hold a 5kW mounting system
Downloads RS-MS State Stamps
RS-MS Brochure AZ Stamp RS-MS
RS-MS Technical Specifications CA Stamp RS-MS
RS-MS_CAD Block_2013 IL Stamp RS-MS
RS-MS Installation Manual MD Stamp RS-MS
TX Stamp RS-MS

Versatile Roof Mount Solution – RS-VS (Suitable for ALL roof Types & Pitches)

The flexible, lightweight RS-VS system is suitable for all roof types. With height-adjustable mounting components, this roof mounting system easily fits your needs. The pre-assembled components of this system make installation easy and fast. Utilizing stainless steel hardware and 6000 series aluminum components, the RS-VS has a cost-effective, industry leading high strength-to-weight ratio.

VS Benefits

  • UL1703 compliant – type 1, 2, and 3 modules
  • Efficient use of materials resulting in optimal strength-to-weight ratio and rail spans up to 12 feet
  • Pre-engineered with state stamps
  • Available in two finishes: Mill Finish and Black Anodized
RS-VS Brochure RS-VS Technical Specifications
RS-VS Installation Manual RBI VS-IB Installation Guide
RS-VS State Engineering Stamps
RS-VS-C_Span_Charts_2015 RS-VS-C_Span_Charts_AZ
RS-VS-C_Span_Charts_CA RS-VS-C_Span_Charts_CO
RS-VS-C_Span_Charts_FL RS-VS-C_Span_Charts_GA
RS-VS-C_Span_Charts_HI RS-VS-C_Span_Charts_IL
RS-VS-C_Span_Charts_LA RS-VS-C_Span_Charts_MD
RS-VS-C_Span_Charts_MO RS-VS-C_Span_Charts_NC
RS-VS-C_Span_Charts_NJ RS-VS-C_Span_Charts_TX
RS-VS-R_Span_Charts_AZ RS-VS-R_Span_Charts_CA
RS-VS-R_Span_Charts_CT RS-VS-R_Span_Charts_HI
RS-VS-R_Span_Charts_IL RS-VS-R_Span_Charts_LA
RS-VS-R_Span_Charts_MO RS-VS-R_Span_Charts_TX

Tilted Roof Mount Solution – RS-TL (Best for Low Slope or Flat Roofs, all types)

Our flat-roof mounting solution is integrated with our RS-VS system. The RS-TL is engineered for the most common solar PV modules. We understand that every roof is different, which is why each system is fully customizable to accommodate various low slope or flat roof types.

RS-TL Benefits

  • Single and double rail configuration available
  • 5° and 10° tilt options
  • UL 1703 Class A Fire Rating for Type 1, 2, and 3 modules
Downloads RS-TL Installation Manual
RS-TL Brochure RS-TL DOUBLE Rail System
RS-VS Fire Shield Guide RS-TL SINGLE Rail System
RS-VS Fire Shield Guide for Metal
RS-TL SINGLE Rail System
RS-TL DOUBLE Rail System
RS-TL Span Charts CA