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Ballast Landfill Solar Racking Solutions


RBI Solar’s ballast racking solutions are perfect for municipal solid waste landfills, brownfields and other sites where non-penetrable solutions are needed. RBI Solar’s durable and non-penetrating ballasted racking solutions are custom designed to your site-specific conditions. Whether it is a commercial solar system or a large-scale solar energy farm, RBI Solar’s ballast landfill solar racking solutions are as flexible as you want them to be.

With municipalities and landfill owners seeking innovative ways to generate revenue from undeveloped landfill space, developing solar photovoltaic systems on these sites creates a win-win situation. RBI Solar’s non-penetrating and light weight ballasts, and are custom engineered to specific site conditions. Our engineers and designers consider important parameters of landfills like static and dynamic settlements, cap characteristics, slope, and stability before designing a reliable and cost-effective landfill solution to suit the needs of your project. And, as the landfill settles over the next few years, the components of our solar racking systems can be configured in response to these changes.

Benefits of Using RBI Solar Ballast Landfill Solutions

  • Non-penetrating and light weight
  • Custom engineered to specific site conditions
  • Two foundation options
    • Precast ballast
    • Cast-in-place ballast
  • High strength steel with corrosion protection
  • Module mounting
    • Flexibility to mount any type of module with concrete ballast system
  • Nationwide installation services
  • Procurement and manufacturing:
    • Leverage with national and international facilities
    • Material certification available
  • Made of long lasting, weather-resistant materials with a 20 year warranty
  • Optional attachments for seismic zones

Ballast Foundation Options:

Precast Ballast

Precast ballast are designed and engineered per project specifications. The racking system is mechanically attached to the precast concrete foundation to allow for easy disassembly for future maintenance on landfill caps. Option for pre-assembled post foundations at the precasters facility will reduce the amount of on-site field connections reducing installation labor time and costs.

  • No weather delays and less susceptible to freeze/thaw cycles
  • Reduces on-site man hours, ability to relocate or re-use
  • Vast network of RBI Solar precasters
  • Cleaner sites! Eliminates concrete trucks washout areas
  • No risk for hidden costs such as accelerators, retarders, curing requirements, concrete pumps, or winter mixes
  • Integrated bonding and grounding to UL 2703 available

Download GM-BL Precast data sheet

Cast-in-place Ballast

Forms are customized and supplied by RBI Solar per project as specified by the engineered project specifications. Once concrete mix has cured, the racking system is mechanically attached to the concrete ballast block foundations to allow for easy disassembly for future maintenance on landfill caps.

  • Reduced initial lead time
  • Independent of precaster’s capacity or costs
  • Heavy transportation equipment not required
  • Good option for remote areas or for international projects
  • RBI Solar can assist in concrete mix design, QA/QC, and inspections to validate concrete meets ACI/ASTM standards
  • Integrated bonding and grounding to UL 2703 available

Download GM-BL Cast-in-place data sheet