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Multiple state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, along with a vertically integrated procurement and manufacturing protocol, ensures overall quality of product with reduced lead times for solar racking. RBI Solar is a leading solar racking manufacturer.

Headquarters and extensive solar mounting research and development operations are based in Cincinnati, OH. RBI Solar has multiple manufacturing facilities including Ohio, California and Shanghai (China) to deliver our clients the most economical and premier quality solar racking structures. 

With industry-leading solar mounting structures fabricated in our modern manufacturing facility in Cincinnati, Ohio, RBI Solar has an edge when it comes to giving our customers the best product. In our capacity as a leading solar racking manufacturer, RBI Solar’s production facility at Cincinnati is spread over 120,000 sq-ft and employs roughly 100 people. RBI’s manufacturing facility is equipped with a 5-axis tube laser, CNC fabrication equipment, and 4-axis CNC aluminum profile manufacturing equipment. There are 8 experienced production team leaders and highly experienced production managers to lead our production. The manufacturing facility runs for two shifts throughout the year and during busy periods runs around the clock 24/7 to meet the project deadlines.


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We are happy to be a part of the impact #Ohio is having on the solar industry in the United States!

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The bar has been raised for our in-house design team...

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New legislation in Nevada proposes 50% renewable portfolio standard - an initiative voters already approved on Ques…

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