Solar Mounting Systems

Solar Installation

Solar Installation

We take single source responsibility to complete your solar racking installation project. With in-house project management and installation crews, this approach reduces duplication of efforts throughout the enterprise, focusing on delivering projects on time and within budget.

With experience in completing multiple solar installations for commercial, institutional, and utility customers, RBI Solar is the most trusted name when it comes to solar racking installation. Our highly trained project managers and solar installation crews work with your on-site engineers to install custom engineered solar racking systems in record time. Intelligently designed modular components enable us to save both solar racking installation time and labor cost on your project.

We recognize how important solar mounting installation is to meet the project deadline; that is why we take single point responsibility for the entire project starting from the initial design to complete installation of solar modules. We carry unmatched expertise in turnkey solar installation projects. Our design, engineering, and solar mounting installation experts work closely with your team to close any gaps in execution and implementation. By mitigating dependence on third party, we can honor our commitment to deadlines even on the most demanding solar mounting installation projects.

RBI Solar offers a variety of foundations options for solar installation such as: concrete pier, driven post, screw piles, precast or cast-in place concrete ballast, and helical piles.

Benefits of Using RBI Solar:

  • Reduced number of posts compared to traditional racking
  • Designed to minimize field installation labor
  • Design and engineering support at every step on the way
  • Flexibility to support every type of PV module
  • Different foundation options for solar installation
  • Company owned post driving equipment
  • Highly skilled construction crews that specialize in solar racking installation
  • Dedicated project manager

Post Driving Equipment:

RBI Solar owns 17 hydraulic impact hammer post-driving machines, which are used for pull-tests and ground mount installations nationwide. Most of RBI machines are capable of driving the post up to 20' into the ground with some machines able to drive posts up to 22' deep. With 245 degrees of turntable movement, RBI machines are proficient in 3 feet of fore and aft frame travel.