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Thank you from RBI Solar!

  • November 27th, 2013
  • admin

RBI Solar is an Ohio-based solar racking manufacturer with 80+ years of experience in designing and manufacturing specialty custom structures. Four brothers started the company in 1932; it was a small workshop which specialized in greenhouse repair. With the passing years, the company grew. By 1990’s, that small workshop grew into the biggest manufacturer of commercial greenhouses and retail garden centers in the United States.

In 2001, RBI started R & D for Solar mounting systems, primarily for carports in 2001. RBI launched the very first ground mount product in 2009 which become the most popular utility-scale solar racking solution in the industry. RBI installs its own racking systems with the help of highly trained, strategically placed construction crews that can expedite installation, saving customers money on installation. RBI Solar also offers roof, landfill and specialty solar racking solutions.
We have more than 150 full-time employees and we like to keep traditions alive. In November, we celebrate Thanksgiving with a company-wide potluck luncheon. A turkey is deep fried by volunteers and the entire team brings their specialty food to share with colleagues. We put the same effort to offer you the best racking system, installation and customer service that you will ever find in the industry.
Happy Thanksgiving on behalf of RBI Solar Team.