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Solar FAQ: Can I put solar on my home if my roof doesn’t face south?

  • September 7th, 2016
  • admin

Here in the northern hemisphere, it is commonly advised that the best direction for solar modules to face is south. This is because your modules would, in theory, receive the most direct sunlight. But of course, not all rooftops are oriented this way. So what are your solar PV options for a non south-facing roof?

East-west rooftop solar systems can be an effective alternative to south-facing PV systems. With an east-west system, the modules generate electricity at the times when you’re most likely to need it—in the evening. When you get home from work, you’re likely using your kitchen appliances to make dinner, watching TV, and running your A/C or heat. This is when electricity is most in demand and when an east-west system is best suited to meet your energy needs.

Of course, it’s important to remember that there are other factors that determine what type of rooftop solar system is most effective for you, such as your location and your energy usage. A solar specialist can assess your rooftop and advise you on what options might work best for your home. For more information on going solar, check out our other FAQs debunking residential solar energy myths.

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