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RBI Solar Landfill Case Studies: Tequesquite Landfill

  • March 18th, 2016
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A local public utility in Riverside, California transformed a 20-acre landfill into a resource for renewable energy. The 21,600 solar panel array produces over 7 MW of AC power for the local populous. Helping power over 1,600 homes in the area, this array is one of the largest municipal solar projects in the state of California. The system is estimated to offset more than 4 percent of the city’s power consumption, and it’s the initial phase of the city’s push towards having a 100 MW clean energy portfolio.

RBI Solar was responsible for designing, engineering and installing the ballasted ground mount system on the job site. The ballast blocks were fabricated at a local precaster and pre-assembled for on-site delivery. The steady delivery of the precast ballasts were able to reduce the amount of time allocated to labor and keep the project on schedule. The customer provided gravel rock bedding for the ballasts to increase their sliding coefficient.

Project Specifications
Location: Riverside, CA
Size: 9.396 MW
Angle of Tilt: 7.5º
Module: SunPower 435w (21,600 total)

Future Case Studies will include the following institutions:
• Municipalities
• Utilities
• Government
• Private Ventures
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