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RBI Solar Landfill Case Studies: Parklands Landfill

  • March 18th, 2016
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One of New Jersey’s largest public utility companies tasked RBI Solar with designing and engineering a ballasted landfill solution for Parklands Landfill in Bordentown, NJ. The property is part of New Jersey’s Solar 4 All program; which aimed to bring 125 MW of renewable solar energy to the state. The Parklands landfill will generate over 10 megawatts of clean energy and help power over 1,500 homes in the surrounding area.

RBI designed and engineered the pre-cast ballasts to meet within the bearing capacity requirements of the capped landfill. The ballasts were uniformly fabricated in a controlled environment and shipped to the job site with posts already in place. Installation crews were able to quickly assemble the racking once the ballasts were placed; turning the 40 acre landfill into a cornerstone for New Jersey’s green energy portfolio.

Ballast blocks were delivered to the site pre-assembled and ready to be placed into position for installation crews to assemble the rest of the racking. The pre-assembled racking significantly reduced the amount of time needed to complete installation on the job site.

Project Specifications
Location: Bordertown, NJ
Type of Installation: Ballast Block
Size: 10.135 MW
Module: Canadian Solar CSX6 300w (33,402)

Future Case Studies will include the following institutions:
• Utilities
• Government
• Private Ventures
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