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December 22, 2016 RBI Solar Inc

RBI Solar Canopy Case Studies: Professional Sports Teams

  • March 3rd, 2016
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solar carport solution for the Somerset Patriots

Somerset Patriots Solar Canopy Solution

The ballpark of the Somerset Patriots is now one of the most environmentally friendly facilities in all of minor league baseball. An initiative of Somerset County to reduce their carbon footprint has shown a continued respect and commitment to all those that live and work in Somerset County, New Jersey. A bi-directional meter was put it on the site, since most of the ballpark’s consumption is used at night, as the panels harvest energy during the day. Consequently, this means the utility meter will spin backwards during the day with the production of power from the modules, and forward at night during baseball games.

RBI Solar’s installation of their CP-P truss solar canopy design holds the 1,776 solar panels at the ballpark. This project is part of a Somerset County effort to provide renewable energy sources to businesses and resident, helping their county “go green”. The PV power is connected to the site’s utility meter and is expected to supplement the consumption used at the ballpark.

Location: Bridgewater, NJ
Size: 515 kW
Angle of Tilt: 10º
Module: Canadian Solar 290W (1,776 modules)
Foundation Type: Concrete Pier and Post (Epoxy finish)

solar carport installation solar carport solution installation

Atlanta Falcons Solar Canopy Solution

With solar power at sports stadiums becoming a trend as of late, the Atlanta Falcons took the opportunity to start their green energy output during the construction of their new stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. In the NFL alone there are already six organizations that use solar to supplement the power usage for their football stadiums. It was a perfect storm for the Falcons to implement renewable energy to the gridiron; considering the number of local solar panel manufacturers and installers available around the state. Georgia is one of the fastest-growing green energy states in the U.S, ranking in the top 10 states for solar energy production.

Atlanta Falcons solar carport solutionRBI Solar was tasked with designing, engineering and installing the canopy on a newly constructed parking garage to the east of the stadium. RBI designed the solar canopy with its long span truss design, enhancing the galvanized structure to protect the canopy from corrosion. Not only does the canopy generate energy for some of the stadium’s operations, it also shades the vehicles of the Falcons’ fans on game days. Construction of the canopy will be completed later this year and functional for the stadium’s opening in 2017.

solar canopy solution solar canopy solution

Location: Atlanta, GA
Size: 446 KW DC
Angle of Tilt: 5°Fixed
Module: TSM-PDG5 250w (1,785 modules)
Foundation Type: Specialty, Garage top


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