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December 22, 2016 RBI Solar Inc

RBI Solar Canopy Case Studies: Municipalities

  • March 17th, 2016
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Cincinnati, OH Solar Canopy Solution

The Cincinnati Police Department has opened a new location for the District 3 headquarters. The new facility will incorporate a 273 module solar canopy to show the local community’s focus to consume renewable energy. The District 3 police station is a “NetZero” facility, meaning it consumes only energy that is produced on-site. Beyond using less than 50% of the energy required by facilities serving a similar purpose, the station has also received LEED platinum certification.

Being headquartered in Cincinnati, RBI Solar was chosen to design, engineer and install the CP-K canopy; which will produce over 83kW of clean energy. Several other Cincinnati based companies constructed a variety of green energy products, such as geothermal wells, to create a symbol for local renewable energy innovation. RBI’s contribution of a solar canopy, will help keep the facility green, and provide coverage for police department vehicles.

solar canopy solution in Cincinnati, OH

Location: Cincinnati, OH
Angle of Tilt: 7.4°
Size: 83.265 kW
Module: Canadian Solar CS6X 305W (273 modules)
Foundation Type: Raised Concrete Piers

Fremont, CA Solar Canopy Solution

Through the Renewable Energy Procurement Program, the City of Fremont has made strides towards making the Bay Area a greener place. Local leaders have made a big push to increase the amount of renewable energy resources within city limits.The 872 kW solar canopy at the Fremont Police Headquarters was part of the green energy portfolio to offset up to 14% of the city’s energy consumption.

RBI was tasked with designing and installing the 2,641 module canopy at the headquarters of the local police force. The CP-T canopy was constructed with decking to provide shading to the vehicles underneath. It was finished with powder coating over epoxy to add protection to the steel structure and provide aesthetic appeal.


For further information on RBI Solar and our various product offerings, please stop by booth #2336 at the National Facilities Management & Tech Conference from March 22-24 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, MD.

Location: Fremont, CA
Angle of Tilt: 7°Fixed
Size: 872 kW
Module: SunEdison F330ByC (2,641 modules)
Foundation Type: Raised Concrete Pier

Please contract Kevin Ward (kward@rbisolar.com) or visit our carport page for additional information.

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    How many parking spots does the Cincinnati Police Dept project cover? Looks nice and clean.

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