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Why RBI Solar is the Best Choice for Utility Scale Racking Projects?

  • January 31st, 2014
  • admin

Company History:

RBI Solar is a subsidiary of Rough Brothers USA which has an 80 year history in greenhouse and commercial structure development throughout the United States. We have been fortunate enough to provide comprehensive structure and greenhouse solutions for the US government and numerous national chain stores such as Lowes and Home Depot. The complimentary business practices of purchasing bulk steel, manufacturing steel components and optimizing design based on engineering results, led Rough Bros to expand into the solar sector. Our business has been expanding exponentially ever since.

Single-Source Provider

RBI Solar is the leading single source provider of solar mounting solutions. We differentiate ourselves in the fact that we offer all design, engineering, manufacturing and installation works for the solar mounting solutions IN-HOUSE. We pride ourselves in providing superior customer service to produce a customized solution for our clients that is the best value solution on the market. This approach has earned us the trust and business of the leading mega-solar developers throughout the world. As a solar investor or EPC, you are faced with many challenges and options in building a mega-solar solution. RBI Solar is here to support you through its proven experience to help deliver a high quality, durable product with reduced cost and installation times.


Whether you are building an old golf course, in forest land, on rocky soils, or in flood zones, RBI Solar solution’s is always custom-made to fit our customers mega needs. Through a thorough onsite load testing analysis and geotechnical review, RBI Solar will design the optimized solution for our customers based on our recommendations and your needs. RBI Solar will conduct snow load calculations, wind tunnel testing and soil load testing to advise our clients on the proper foundation solution. Driven-posts, concrete piers, screw and helical piles, and floating ballast systems are all potential solutions which RBI is equipped and experienced in delivering. Based on customer preferences, we will then help to optimize the best design. Offering both portrait and landscape module orientation, RBI can design up to a 15% East/West slope to provide a contoured, continuous row solution for our clients. Our customers benefit by a greater output in capacity and have the security of developing a high quality, durable system.


Through exploiting economy of scale with our greenhouse division, RBI is able to procure steel at highly competitive pricing with our long-term supplier alliances. In addition, our entire solar mounting solution is made of 100% galvanized steel which provides you with a non-corrosive solution that is your best solution for long term durability. Having 190,000 sq-ft of in-house warehouses throughout the United States, our automated production manufacturing ensures greater consistency and enables us to stand behind our 20 year product guarantee.


RBI post driving machines have become a best practice for utility-solar racking development. Due to the strength and mobility of this particular machine, RBI can offer you the most streamlined approach to mega-solar development world-wide. This means greater pole spacing per Watt and reduces our customer’s installation time up to 50%. Not to mention, it saves you on unnecessary and costly cement and civil works cost. Another important feature of the streamlined RBI approach is our pre-assembled delivery method. None of our systems require any onsite welding whatsoever. From here, our installers join horizontal purlins with which the modules attach.

RBI Solar was one of the top solar mounting solutions providers in the USA  in 2013. Here are just a few of our varied portfolio of projects (pointing). The RBI value proposition is unique in the solar mounting sector because we are more than a manufacturer; we deploy high-level engineering, localized installation and proprietary equipment. As you see here from some of our reference projects, we have successfully designed and installed on varied terrain ranging from hard rock earth to soft sand soils, from desert plains to sloping mountains. From utility scale solar to carport to landfill solutions, RBI Solar is your best choice for a solar mounting solution provider. Our flagship reference partners are loyal to RBI because we help them to speed up their development process, install faster, optimize capacity, and reduce cost their overall cost.