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December 22, 2016 RBI Solar Inc

PV System Inverter and Balance of System Solar Mounting Options

  • June 14th, 2016
  • Alicia Auhagen

solar inverter and BOS mounting options

When it comes to safe and efficient solar PV systems, having the proper balance of system (BOS) is critical. BOS includes components like the solar mounting system, solar inverters, and wiring. Choosing the right location for posts and other BOS parts can help save time, increase installation efficiency, and reduce the overall cost of your PV system.

Because engineering requirements restrict trenching and excavation within 3 feet of a structural post without the proper replacement and compaction of original soil material, RBI Solar offers multiple options for mounting inverters and BOS components that alleviate this concern.

RBI Solar mounting solutions protect the structural integrity of racking foundations while saving trenching time by eliminating the need to compact the backfill. These solutions utilize factory-fabricated inverter-specific mounting holes that increase installation efficiency and ultimately reduce labor costs. Not only do RBI Solar mounting solutions maximize inverter placement locations, they work to protect the structural integrity of solar racking foundations.

Auxiliary Post in Line

With this option, the auxiliary post is installed at a customer-specified distance in-line with a structural post with strut spanning between them.

  • Post holes can be factory fabricated to match the inverter’s mounting bracket.
  • Lateral movement on the strut allows for precise placement of inverters and other BOS equipment.
  • The auxiliary post in line mounting option allows for trenching directly underneath the equipment.
  • Multiple inverters can be placed side by side.
  • Extra space is available for BOS components.

RBI Solar's auxiliary post in line solar inverter mounting option

Auxiliary Post Behind Bay

This option allows the auxiliary post to be installed at customer-specified locations behind the solar mounting system.

  • Post holes can be factory fabricated to match the inverter’s mounting bracket.
  • This non-structural post allows for multiple trenching options.
  • With this option, there is an increased clearance for workspace and equipment requirements.
  • The auxiliary post behind bay maximizes the number of placement options.

RBI Solar auxiliary post behind bay inverter mounting option

Longer Structural Post

RBI Solar’s longer structural post option is a deeper post embedment on specified posts allows for trenching of inverter raceways.

  • Post holes can be factory fabricated to match the inverter’s mounting bracket.
  • No additional post driving is required.
  • The solar array acts as a shade structure and weather protection for the inverter.

RBI Solar longer structural post inverter mounting option

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