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October Solar Roundup

  • October 31st, 2016
  • admin

What happened in solar this month? Check out these must-read updates from around the industry.

1. Top 10 Corporate Solar Adopters in the US Named

Target has taken the lead in 2016 as the top corporate solar adopter in the US, replacing long-standing leader Walmart. The top 10 corporate solar installers have enough combined solar capacity to power 193,000 homes, according to SEIA. Check out these stats and more in their 5th annual Solar Means Business report.

2. Unpacking the Solar Means Business Report 2016

You’ve seen the leader board. You’ve examined the data. What does SEIA’s report suggest about the state of solar—and where commercial solar might be headed?

3. Community Solar on its Way to Becoming ‘Retail 2.0’?

CleanChoice Energy’s Richard Graves and Laura Pagliarulo weigh in on the development of community solar.

4. Q3 Financial Activity a “Mixed Bag”

Q3 had its mix of highs and lows, with a slight uptick in corporate funding, new large-scale projects, and several company acquisitions.

5. Utility-Scale Solar is Thriving in these 20 States

GTM Research identified 20 states with at least 200 MW of utility-scale solar under development. A number of states are on the rise in this market, including Texas and South Carolina.

6. The Solar Industry Paradox

If the solar industry is booming, why are so many companies going out of business? Travis Hoium offers his opinion on this industry trend and why we may continue to see it happening.

7. World Energy Congress Wrap-Up

Early this month, the 23rd World Energy Congress convened in Istanbul. Here are some of the renewable energy takeaways and insights from this meeting.

8. Women in Solar Install 145 kW Array for Low Income Residents in Yampa Valley, CO

An all-female team led by Stion’s Julia Sullivan installed a solar array earlier this fall for low-income residents during the 2nd Woman’s Solar Build and Leadership Retreat.

9. US Department of Energy Invests $21.4 Million to Reduce Solar Soft Costs

This hefty sum will fund nine research projects designed to reduce the soft costs associated with going solar and eight projects focusing on state and regional market challenges.

10. World Less Wasteful with Energy

Let’s wrap this month up with some good news—energy efficiency initiatives seem to be working around the globe!