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December 22, 2016 RBI Solar Inc

Manufacturing & Installing Ballast Solutions

  • March 8th, 2016
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ground mount solution manufactured and installed by RBI Solar

RBI Solar’s experience completing multiple solar installations for commercial, institutional and utility customers, has grown our brand to become a trusted name when it comes to solar racking installation. With manufacturing facilities across the county, RBI Solar is able to procure and fabricate solar racking materials for ballasted projects across the nation. After projects are designed and engineered in-house by RBI, our in-house project managers take over to ensure all racking and pre-cast ballasts are procured, produced and shipped to job sites in a timely manner. 

RBI Solar installs ballast solar mounting solutions

Recognizing the importance of maintaining project schedules, RBI has built and infrastructure capable of meeting project deadlines. Taking a single point responsibility for the entire project starts in the pre-design phase and culminates with the complete, turn-key installation. Our design, engineering and project management teams work closely with you to close any gaps in execution and implementation. By mitigating dependence on third parties, we can honor our commitment to deadlines even on the most demanding solar mounting installation projects.

Benefits of pre-cast ballasts:

  • Ballast can come pre-assembled to the job site along with pre-assembled racking. This significantly decreases the amount of labor need on-site. Roughly 60 ballast blocks can be fabricated per day, with variables such as weather not causing a production delay common in cast in place installation.
  • Precast ballasts can be delivered to a job site with standard construction equipment. If there are site limitations, we do not need to worry about having extra machinery on-site, such as concrete and pump trucks.
  • Our precast system eliminates having to utilize on site wash out bins and any associated chemicals and/or water run-off that occur during the concrete mixing process.  Having any water or chemicals penetrate the landfill cap can be more than problematic.  Also, our precast system simplifies the development and implementation of your Storm Water Pollution Plan (SWPPP) requirement.
  • We have a pre-caster located close to the job site, the cost of freight and delivery time will be decreased.

Solar installation by RBI Solar

Please contact Kevin Ward (kward@rbisolar.com) or visit our landfill solutions page for additional information.

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