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December 22, 2016 RBI Solar Inc

How to Find the Right Solar Partners

  • July 10th, 2016
  • Alicia Auhagen

solar power system installation

As the solar industry continues to grow, so do the number of solar companies and installers. You might be looking at your options wondering “how do I choose the right partners?” The good news is you’re asking the right question. Your solar team should be just that—a partnership. Going solar is a big decision, and like any major-league life change, you want the right team at your side. Here are a few tips for selecting the best players for your solar team.

Who You’ll Need

There’s no recipe for a perfect solar installation, but you will need the following teams to complete your new solar system:

  • A solar module manufacturer
  • A solar mounting system designer and manufacturer
  • A solar installer
  • A solar wiring/electrical team
  • A solar financer if you want a payment plan for your system

Some companies combine several of these roles, and some even offer a one-stop-shop service or procurement for all of these components. Generally, single-source solar companies are no better or worse than specialized providers—it all comes down to your comfort level and which companies you feel most confident will do the job right.

What to Look For

While you’re searching for the right team for your solar installation, keep an eye out for these factors.


It is critical for your safety that your solar components have undergone performance testing from qualified testing and certification companies like Intertek and UL. These companies test modules, solar mounting systems, and other parts under adverse weather and stress conditions to ensure that they will not pose as a hazard in extreme weather events. Look for these certifications on the solar company’s website, typically on product pages.


Thanks to advancements in solar technology, your solar modules should last at least 25 years. Your warranty should cover any repairs or maintenance required, but roof mount solar systems usually need very little maintenance. Because they’re angled on your roof, the solar modules are essentially self-cleaning every time it rains.

Quality Customer Service

How a solar company treats you during the initial consultation process says a lot about how they’ll handle the full project if they’re awarded the job. Does the representative respond to your emails and calls in a timely manner? Do they actively work to answer any questions you have and complete requests? Are they transparent and explain information in a clear way? Are they willing to provide references? These are all important things to keep in mind when evaluating your interactions with different companies.

Reviews and Testimonials

Check for reviews and testimonials by visiting the solar company’s website, their Better Business Bureau (BBB) page, their social media accounts, and directory sites like Yelp and Angie’s List. Recent high ratings and positive remarks are a good sign the company is a trusted solar partner. But like any review platform, an occasional negative review is still likely to surface. Take a look at how the company responds to these reviews. Do they offer a resolution for the customer’s poor experience? Do they own up to any missteps and offer solutions? These are good signs that the company cares about their customers’ experience and is willing to remedy mistakes.

Always Get Multiple Quotes

When you’re shopping for a new car, you probably don’t purchase the first potential vehicle you find. The same goes for solar shopping. Most solar companies provide free quotes, so you don’t risk anything by filling out a request form. While getting multiple quotes allows you to compare prices, it also offers a first look at how the company responds. The timeliness of a solar company can indicate how they’ll handle future correspondence.



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