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Enhancing Your Solar Canopy

  • February 12th, 2016
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With RBI’s 80+ years of experience in commercial design-build of specialty structures, RBI Solar has become a single-source provider for all aspects of solar racking solutions. With a project based approach, RBI’s solar canopy offering is designed and engineered to create the most cost effective and efficient solution to fit the specific project needs of our customers. Our  canopy enhancements can provide complete, reliable protection from the effects of rain, snow, ice and sun, year after year.

Decking & Gutters

One of the enhancements that RBI Solar offers is decking; a formed corrugated sheet metal placed between the purlins and modules. Typical solar canopies do not have a decking system under the modules, as the modules themselves act as the roof. By design, solar canopies are intended to allow water and sunlight to pass between the edges of the modules. Solar canopies can be optioned to have decking installed so sun, rain and snow cannot go through the spaces between the modules. On our canopies with decking, the decking will give consistent shade and assurance from down pours or snow fall. Along with the decking, each canopy can be designed with a gutter system to collect rain water and channel it through the downspouts near a grounded column.

Snow/Ice Guards

A key consideration with our gutter system is that it can be matched with our snow and ice guards. This will provide some protection underneath the canopy from shedding ice and snow. Ice will typically “sheet off” the solar canopy while thawing, potentially damaging anything under the structure. To reduce the risk, the formed piece of steel guards is placed higher than the modules to divert the shedding ice and snow down through the gutter system.

– 26ga steel thickness for decking/gutters
– Protection from the elements underneath the structure
– Powder or epoxy coated to match structure
– Made from heavy duty steel angle, 3/8-1/2″ thick
– Provides a functional safety feature to blend with the structure
– Powder or epoxy coated to match structure

RBI Solar has designed these enhancements to accommodate the several projects we’ve completed in multiple locations across the U.S. and internationally. As the market expands we will continue to improve and offer a variety of solutions for your canopy project’s needs. It is with this thought that RBI Solar is committed to transforming your project from a dream into a reality.

3 responses on “Enhancing Your Solar Canopy”
  1. Can the decking/rain gutter system be installed AFTER the solar canopy is already complete?

  2. If not planned for before fabrication the installation of decking and gutters after a system is installed is not possible without the removal of the modules/some electrical components.

  3. Can the snow guard be added afterwards? We have installed several RBI systems and snow/ice dropping is a problem at the facilities. If so I would like a quote.