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enerG Feature: Dual-Purpose Solar Harvests More Than Clean Energy

  • October 13th, 2016
  • admin

Some may think that solar farms are a hindrance to agriculture by taking up usable land. But the town of Carver, Massachusetts is proving that going solar doesn’t have to mean giving up growing.

For some vegetation, a ground mount solar system actually provides the ideal growing conditions. This was the case for one farmer’s cranberry bog, which now thrives under a 1.1 MW solar system. As does the farmer—the ground mount installation provides a reliable source of clean energy to power the farm’s daily operations.

RBI Solar designed the mounting solution for this project in partnership with Conergy, Lodestar Energy LLC, and S&C Electric Company.

For more information about this dual-use solar farm came together, check out enerG magazine’s recent article in their September/October edition.