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Case Study: Huntsville, AL Facility Saves Big with Solar Mounting Solution for Metal Roof

  • August 8th, 2016
  • admin

Service Steel’s Huntsville, AL facility–home to its heavy duty welding, material handling, and administrative operations—now sports three solar arrays on its pitched trapezoidal sheet metal roof. Ace, LLC Solar, based in Pulaski, TN, selected the rail-less RBI Solar MS system as the mounting solution for Service Steel’s PV system.

The 148.2 kW solar system is expected to reduce Service Steel’s annual utility cost by approximately 90%, bringing their annual energy savings to $35,000. Over the expected thirty-five-year life of the roof mount system, Service Steel will offset over 4,742 metric tons of carbon dioxide—an amount equal to 5,093,383 pounds of coal that will never be burned.

RBI Solar’s MS metal roof mount solution supports 456 Sunvia 325 modules at the Huntsville, AL site. Because the RBI Solar MS works with all commonly used modules, less inventory was required for the project, ultimately reducing shipping costs and install time.

Ace, LLC Solar CEO Chuck Boggs said this of the MS system: “[It] is the easiest roof mount system we have ever worked with, requiring no field training. We believe it is the most foolproof, forgiving, and cost-effective solution available. It eliminates the need for long rails and left us plenty of space to install the wire management system needed for distributing the generated power to the different functions.”



Structure type: Roof (RBI Solar MS system)

Location: Huntsville, AL

Module: Sunvia 325

Module quantity: 456

Size: 148.2 kW


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