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Case Studies: Metal Rooftop Solar Solutions for California Wineries and Attractions

  • September 28th, 2016
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Raymond Vineyards Fully Powered with Metal Rooftop Solar System

In the heart of America’s wine region, the Raymonds built their family winery from the ground up, leveraging 35+ years of experience in the winemaking industry. Over 45 years later, the Raymond Vineyards are getting a little extra boost from the sun.

Raymond Vineyards is now the largest 100 percent solar-powered winery in Napa, California, according to utility provider Blue Sky Utility, thanks to a mixed 750kW solar PV system. The solar energy installation features over 50,000 sq ft of solar modules mounted by the RBI Solar MS and VS solutions on the winery’s roofs. A 17,000 sq ft solar canopy also helps reduce the winery’s energy consumption by providing a shaded area that can be utilized during the harvest and for storage of the fermentation tanks. Blue Sky Utility, along with contractor BPI, are responsible for the design, construction, and maintenance of the PV systems.

The 3,123 Talesun 240 watt solar modules are expected to produce over 1.3 million kWh of energy each year, offsetting approximately 990 tons of harmful carbon emissions.



Bertagna Orchards Powers Operations with Commercial Roof Mount System


The Bertagna family’s history is rooted deep in Italian culture, from generations of almond farming to wine making. Now the Bertagnas can power their operations in Chico, California with sustainable energy from a rooftop solar power system.

Their 248.32 kW metal rooftop solar system was mounted using the rail-less RBI Solar MS metal roof system. With 776 Canadian Solar CS6X-320P modules, the Bertagna Orchards will save an estimated $62,000 annually. The system was designed to meet nearly 90 percent of their energy needs, but because of PG&E’s time of usage rates schedule, the cost of their energy consumption is offset by 100 percent. Over the next 25 years, the roof mount solar system is expected to reduce 6,256 tons of CO2.

Brighter Solutions Energy Consulting, LLC was involved in all aspects of the system’s development. The RBI Solar MS solution was selected because it was the most cost-effective and efficient system for the Bertagna Orchards metal roof. CES Electric was responsible for installing the equipment and wire management.



Air Museum Meets Energy Needs with Roof Mount Solar


The Palm Springs Air Museum­–home to aircraft from World War II, Korea, and the Vietnam Wars—is now fully powered by a 340kW solar energy system. The RBI Solar VS roof mount solution was used along with 2,354 Elevation Series high performance CIGS frameless Stion modules.

Stion projects that the CIGS modules will deliver up to 10 percent more energy for the air museum than silicon-based modules would over the life of the PV system. The one-size-fits-all clamps of the RBI Solar VS mounting system are designed specifically for frameless glass-on-glass modules. These clamps have a rubber insert that protects the glass while firmly holding it in place. The entire system, from modules to mounting, was made in America.

Thanks to this rooftop solar solution, the Palm Springs Air Museum is expected to meet 100 percent of its electricity needs with clean power, saving thousands of dollars each year on energy expenses.