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Meet the Big Green Machines – An RBI Solar Icon

  • February 13th, 2017
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RBI Solar installation

GRT. Green machine. Big green. Call them what you will, these post-driving machines are a sight to behold. For those familiar with our company and our work, RBI Solar ground mount projects in progress are hard to miss—painted in iconic RBI green, our GRTs are brightly visible as they work their way across the landscape.

So what are these green beasts and how do they bring your solar racking project to life?

GRT Characteristics and Features

post driving machine

GRTs are diesel-powered, hydraulic-driven, impact-hammer-wielding post-driving machines. They are equipped with steel tracks for maneuvering around the field. They have a rotating, extendable table to get the mast and hammer into position to drive the post. The impact hammer then drives the steel posts deep into the ground using thousands of pounds or force with each blow.

Post-driving machines are used to perform pull tests at a project site, which provides important data for foundation design. Once the optimal foundation is selected and materials are manufactured and delivered to the site, our crews work diligently to install posts using the GRT.

Full-size GRTs are able to drive 20’ posts into the ground, while mid-sized GRTs can drive up to 15’ posts. Some machines are even able to drive 24’ posts.

Habitat and Migration

solar installation

Our post-driving machines are of course happiest working on your project site, but when they’re not operating, our 42 machines are stored in strategic locations around the US and the world. The RBI Solar fleet currently consists of

27 GRTs on the east coast,

5 GRTs on the west coast,

3 GRTs in Hawaii, and

7 GRTs in Japan.

Transporting a post-driving machine within a state generally takes around a day, except for the bigger states like Texas and California. (Drivers there are limited to 10 hours a day of travel time.) Transporting a GRT along the east coast typically requires only one to three days. Coast to coast travel time is about one week.

Worker Safety

A GRT is no small beast! One should never be handled without proper safety and operational training.

For more information on RBI Solar installation capabilities, contact us at info@rbisolar.com.